Wild Card Weekend !! What’s the best game this weekend?

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22 Responses to Wild Card Weekend !! What’s the best game this weekend?

  1. Marlyn Boyles says:

    Packers VS Eagles will be the best match up

  2. Michael says:

    Saints/Seahawks will be the best game; defending Super Bowl champs who are 0 for 3 in true road games versus the Hawks who are finally getting back into the swing of things? Easily the best. Here’s hoping for OT.

  3. Terri says:

    New Orleans at seattle will be a good game this weekend

  4. Alan says:

    I think that the best game this weekend will be Baltimore at Kansas City

  5. Owen T says:

    The GAME to watch will be the Saints/Seahawk’s, been a 30 year saints fan be cool to see them go again. But wouldnt it be cool to see an under .500 team go all the way, just squash all the naysayers huh.

  6. Brady Palmer says:

    Have to disagree w michael – i think the NFC West champ Seahawks will finish their season 7-10 in a 1 sided affair – also think that if they go to an 18 game season there will be a 7-11 division winner soon after & that will really suck. GB @ Philly in a wk 1 rematch should be fun, especially if the Pack, who P King in the new SI predicts will make it to Dallas ala the ’07 Giants, comes out on top, but Ray Lewis tearin around Arrowhead @ noon on Sunday – that should really be something to see!

  7. Jimmy Wall says:

    I think the best game will be the Saints and the Seahawks.

  8. richard lovelace says:

    powerpack is back coalin Jinkins is goin to make a good showing in this battle this game is the best nail bitter Greenbay 28 Eagles 27

  9. Woolybugger says:

    The pack @ philly is def the best game, especially if we get some SNOW ! But the “WUSSIES’ will probably postpone again. No matter, the match up of the year will be a healthy STEELERS squad vs pats for AFC Title, brother. GO STEELERS ! ! ! !

  10. JQ says:


  11. Liquorman Mark says:

    This week’s best game will be Green Bay at Philly. It will come down to the last possession.

  12. Rod Bauer says:

    Saints/ Seahawks– no question!

  13. joe gilmore says:

    The eagles and packers will be the one to watch,the battle of the scrambling quarterbacks,but I’m really waiting to watch the pats stomp the snot out of those worthless steelers

  14. Dick Benson says:

    Truth of the matter is Tony, all 4 are gonna be good to watch. But, quite frankly I think the Saints are gonna rip a hole in the Hawks, the Packers and the Eagles has the potential to put us all to sleepand the Colts and the Jets is gonna get bloody. But, personally, I think the Ravens and the Tribe is gonna be the one to watch! However, I will probably enjoy the hell out of each one!! Rock on Bro!

  15. Parker Murnion says:

    Go with your gut Tony…Jets and Colts is the best matchup of the weekend!

  16. Harry Humphreys says:

    NY Jets vs Colts will be the game to watch. Eagles vs Packers will be the blowout game. The Eagles can’t seem to contain the outside blitz rush as demonstated in their last loss. Vick will be pounded while the Packers receivers run up the score. That being said, the X factor is Jackson though.

  17. Jim Regennas says:

    Packers and Eagles…..I am getting feelings of revenge in the air by a pack of Eagles

  18. herman munster says:

    We scary dudes think it will be a great football weekend as the wild card teams must try the hardest as their records are not as good as the divison winners. Really want to see sanchez send peyton home to watch the superbowl on his sony as it is boring to see him do so good every season. Plus rex ryan has a foot fetish and this is football right. Want jets to make it to the superbowl. The seahawks better play the backup qb that cooked the rams last week if they stand a chance against brees as hasselback keeps playing so poorly. Seahawks will have hometeam advantage but brees is great under pressure and everyone seems to like him. Ravens over chiefs hopefully and paks over eagles as I am still mad at vick for fighting dogs for fun as I have rottwiellers and boxer dogs

  19. Larry says:

    packers – eagle will be best game

  20. Terry D says:

    Packers vs. Eagles…

  21. vbalz says:

    cheeseheads ..going down!

  22. michael scott says:

    hawks smoke da bears, in a no surprise ‘upset’. gb wins in atlanta, nfc championship in seattle!! speaking for the entire pacific northwest…we want the stealers..(<–little past superbowl humor right there). right after the hawks put the pack to sleep along side the saints, and 'da bears…

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