Slash is here Thursday !!! Questions for him?

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6 Responses to Slash is here Thursday !!! Questions for him?

  1. joe gilmore says:

    Who is his favorite guitar player of all?

  2. Austin Woodworth says:

    Can you please ask Slash how he learned to shred guitar so skillfully? I am a starting guitarist, and HUGE fan of slash. And I’d like to know how to shred like him.

  3. Gregg Mangan says:

    Hey Slash,

    I caught your guest appearance with the band on Conan last week . . . just wondering if you were a Conan fan!

  4. Jafet Castillo says:

    My question for Slash: What is your opinion on the Beatles?

  5. Geoff says:

    Man, this is the first time i’ve been on your website. Nice pix.

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