NFL Playoffs Round 2 !! What’s the best game?

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30 Responses to NFL Playoffs Round 2 !! What’s the best game?

  1. Jonathan Busby says:

    Ravens at Steelers!!!1

  2. NICK CINALLI says:


  3. Joe Thury says:

    Pittsburgh/Ravens. These two teams HATE each other! Won’t be that highscoring, but this one will have a lot of pain!

  4. mike goede says:

    packers vs. dirtybirds

  5. sharon tatu says:

    Definitelty the Pack vs. Those “Birds”… Go Pack Go!!!

  6. Monte demaris says:

    Seattle Seahawks at Chicago bears

    when Seattle wins and if green bay wins Seattle most famous this season for making the playoffs with a 7-9 record would host the NFC championship!

    Tony you rock!

  7. Peggy Mercer says:

    i would like to see seatle and greenbay to go to the super bowl.

  8. Glenn McCurtain says:

    New england / New York Jets

  9. Becky Brown says:

    Steelers/Ravens – Go Steelers!!!!



  11. Dana McGarr says:

    New England vs. New York Jets

  12. Tony Miller says:


  13. tony says:

    pittsburgh / ravens

  14. joe gilmore says:

    I think the falcons will destroy the packers the seahawks will takeout the bears I hope the ravens slaughter those sorry steelers and the best of all four will be the jets and patriots should be a heck of a battle

  15. Michele S. says:

    Da BEARS!

  16. Dennis Vickers says:

    Steelers vs. Ravens is the blood bath to watch.

  17. William ODonnell says:

    Jets /Patriots is going to be the best game of the year

  18. Sue C says:

    i was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I can tell you it is going to be bloody! The other games this weekend almost seem predictable. Pittsburgh/Baltimore is without a doubt going to be the game to NOT miss this season!

  19. Paul Hamby says:

    Steelers / Ravens Go Black and Gold !!

  20. Brenda says:

    Hey Tony (Warren),

    Brenda in PA says: PITTSBURGH VS RAVENS! Smash Mouth Football at it’s best. Gotta Love It.

  21. Jim Regennas says:

    I’ve seen enough Baltimore/Pittsburg… maybe close game but what a bore….give me the Atlanta/Green Bay matchup…Packers going for two birds….maybe they get a longshot chance at a sweep

  22. David Lenox says:

    steelers ravens without a doubt

  23. jerry colledge says:

    defiantly the steelers ravens game…its gonna be like the gunfight at the OK corral and end up in blood sweat and tears

  24. Larry says:

    jets at patriots

  25. mike black says:

    best upset will be seattle winning at chicago as a 10 point dog again
    most violent and low scoring will be baltimore beating up pittsburg
    biggest blowout will be new england over jets by at least 20 points

  26. Go Pats

    Patriots vs. Jets

  27. Kevin McGarr says:

    Ravens vs. Steelers

  28. June Fry says:

    Ravens vs Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. chip says:

    Pittsburgh and Baltimore…..Come on Steelers, let’s beat’em again!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Slightlymad76 says:

    Seahawks @ Bears. If Seattle somehow wins, and the Packers do as well, then the NFC Championship game will be played in Seattle with the home team sporting an overall record of 9-9. Delicious.

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